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The Quran

Allah says your wealth and children are only a trial, whereas with Allah! With him is a great reward {64:15}
wisely choose the best for both worlds.
by choosing us.

About Our academy 

Thaffuze Quran Online Academy is a hub of modern Islamic education that provides high-quality services at affordable prices. Our certified Qur'an teachers are passionate and experts in teaching Qur'an. The lessons given by our expert teachers are equally beneficial for children and adults. We would be proud to provide a variety of online courses, including online Quran memorization, learning for children, translation, recitation, tafsir, tajweed, daily supplications, namaz, and primary Islamic education under the supervision of professional teachers. Be free from the hassle of moving to a nearby Islamic center or madrassa. Join us today to start a 3-day trial session for learning Quran online.

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Our Advantages

3 days free trial 

Qualified Tutor

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Quran and Prayer Beads
Closed Prayer Book

Noorani Qaida

Nazira Qur'an 


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Tarjuma Qur'an 



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